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Print and use good maps for free - video tutorials

To help you use maps, which we are talking about on our website, we have selected some brief video tutorials. We believe that the free videos will help you to download the maps to your phone or to your ebook reader or to print them exactly as you need. Links to the maps can be found on our website - at the city pages.

How to print a free map

Our first tutorial relates to printed maps - and to many options you have when printing maps using TakeMaps service. Just one hint at the beginning: If your map does not print properly, try setting different margins (use arrows at the top, in the video it is shown). In our experience, some versions of Internet Explorer print the first page blank when you print more pages of a map. (Alternatively, use a more reliable web browser.)

How to download maps into e-book reader

The second tip offers a video tutorial, how to download maps from eBookMaps to your ebook reader. It's quick and easy.

How to download a map to your mobile phone or to your tablet

If you need to download a map to your mobile phone or to a tablet with Android and to use maps even when not connected to the Internet - for example in areas with no mobile coverage or with an expensive data connection, then here we have a third manual - how to use OruxMaps on Android.

We hope that our guides will help you when preparing your journeys.


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Maps on AskMaps

Going on vacation or business trip to any interesting place in the world? Then you should choose the right map. Whether you prefer a printed map, or the map for a smart phone, a tablet or an e-reader, you can find it here.

Most of the maps for printing or for mobile devices are based on OpenStreetMap or Google Maps - even links to them you can find here. You can not only see your destination, any interesting place in the world, on your computer, but also you can see what information these maps provide. Often, for example, there are links to accommodation, car rental, city guides and other tourist information. Happy journey!

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