Maps to print, for mobile phones, tablets and e-book readers

AskMaps offer you a list of maps that can easily be printed and maps available for various devices: for smart-phones, for computers, for e-book readers, for tablets and more. Most of these maps can be downloaded and used for free.

You may read here how to print street maps and how to get free maps for various devices that you have with you on the go. On-line maps are very important today, but since you obviously do not always have a data connection, we also offer tips on how to download free maps to your device in advance and how to use them off-line - without data connection.

We are launching a new version of AskMaps

After nearly a decade we are launching a new version of the website. We created it to offer our visitors our own great city maps suitable for printing. Then we added links to a big number of publicly available maps good for printing and finally also tips where to get maps for various electronic devices. And now, withour new design, we will bring you tips, how to print the best maps and where to get maps for e-book readers, smartphones and tablets.

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Print and use good maps for free - video tutorials

To help you use maps, which we are talking about on our website, we have selected some brief video tutorials. We believe that the free videos will help you to download the maps to your phone or to your ebook reader or to print them exactly as you need. Links to the maps can be found on our website - at the city pages.

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Maps on AskMaps

Going on vacation or business trip to any interesting place in the world? Then you should choose the right map. Whether you prefer a printed map, or the map for a smart phone, a tablet or an e-reader, you can find it here.

Most of the maps for printing or for mobile devices are based on OpenStreetMap or Google Maps - even links to them you can find here. You can not only see your destination, any interesting place in the world, on your computer, but also you can see what information these maps provide. Often, for example, there are links to accommodation, car rental, city guides and other tourist information. Happy journey!

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