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We are launching a new version of AskMaps

After nearly a decade we are launching a new version of the website. We created it to offer our visitors our own great city maps suitable for printing. Then we added links to a big number of publicly available maps good for printing and finally also tips where to get maps for various electronic devices. And now, withour new design, we will bring you tips, how to print the best maps and where to get maps for e-book readers, smartphones and tablets.

In the times we have started AskMaps a decade ago, it was difficult to find quality online city maps on the Internet. We understand that today it sounds absolutely incredible, but ten years ago there were no Google Maps (which came up in 2005), no OpenStreetMap, no Bing maps. And to find a good map you could print and take with you on your journey was sometimes quite complicated. Thus we created our first maps  specially adapted for printing.

But time has passed and the number of maps on the Internet - though still rather in the form of images - has rised. It made no more sense to create our own maps, so we sought the best available maps and referred to them. Then came Google Maps and the scene has changed again. In some cases it was still better to use other maps, but it was rather rare case. And when our partner project TakeMaps solved the problem with Google Maps print settings, we started to link to it.

Another small revolution came with the advent of high-quality mobile devices - smart phones with large display, e-book readers, tablets. And for us - and especially our visitors - began to make sense not only to offer tips for printing of maps, but also for the maps for mobile devices. We tried it in our existing publication system, but this ultimately proved to be too cumbersome.

So now we come with the new AskMaps - with links to maps for mobile devices and for printing. We believe that it is now much easier to find any map you need on the internet, but here and there you could still find useful to get an advice about maps. Whether this idea is right, of course, only time will show - and the statistics of visitors to this site. Anyway we wish you happy journeys.


(23. 10. 2011 | redakce)

Maps on AskMaps

Going on vacation or business trip to any interesting place in the world? Then you should choose the right map. Whether you prefer a printed map, or the map for a smart phone, a tablet or an e-reader, you can find it here.

Most of the maps for printing or for mobile devices are based on OpenStreetMap or Google Maps - even links to them you can find here. You can not only see your destination, any interesting place in the world, on your computer, but also you can see what information these maps provide. Often, for example, there are links to accommodation, car rental, city guides and other tourist information. Happy journey!

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