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Are you going to visit a strange city? We would like to offer you the map of the city. You will need it when walking through the city, when trying to find a hotel and at other occasions as well. Just search for the city you need. We can offer you a lot of our other maps and a lot of links to the best maps on the Internet.


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How to get your map quickly
1) Look for your map, eg. here
2) Press the button Print
3) Confirm print. In the same way you can print index of streets.
4) For better quality of the map you can easily paste it's 4 parts (with glue or tape) or staple them with a stapler

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 Last update: 2/2013

 Vienna (Au)
 Prague (Czech)
 New York (USA)
 London (UK)

 Most requested maps
 London (UK)
 Prague (Czech)
Three main reasons for AskMaps
1) The maps at AskMaps are created using a special technology for the best printing.
2) You can press only one button - and all the printing will run automatically.
3) We offer a lot of links to other maps.

This page is a part of the project AskMaps, which creates maps of big world cities. The maps cover important part of every city, important monuments and often also public transport, accommodations, restaurants etc. AskMaps are expanding all the time. If you haven't found the map you are looking for, try to return later. The last update and expansion of our maps: 2/2013 .

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